What Size Portable Storage Unit is Right for Me?

“What size portable storage unit is right for you?” That is the most common question and definitely the most important to ask.  A mobile storage container comes in many sizes. Depending upon your project, a particular size will be just right for you.  

” Container sizes vary from 8 foot mini containers or vaults to 40 foot behemoths. Very small containers generally don’t make sense because of efficiency, unless you have a very specific need. For residential use, containers larger than 20 feet are rarely used,” shares Brad Fransen, of Jump Box,  a mobile storage provider located in Tacoma, Washington.  

Here are some important considerations:

• What size will fit in the area you plan to store your items? Will the container block your driveway? Does it prohibit access to commonly needed space?  

• Are there size restrictions based upon municipal codes or homeowner covenants?  Here is a helpful guide.

• Are there particular items that may not fit into a smaller container?  If you are storing lumber, for instance, very long lumber may simply just not fit. 

• If you are storing furniture, how many rooms will you be storing at any particular time?  As a rule, most people will only stack boxes, leaving the furniture on a single layer.  If you were able to secure moving pads, could you stack furniture safely? Generally, a 16 foot container can store a few standard rooms. 

• Having adequate space to get around in the container is always helpful. As you plan your project, consider access as a consideration. Some people may choose to rent multiple containers for larger projects.  

Your portable storage provider can help you to decide what size container is right for you. Make sure to let them know how you plan to use it and any unique items that you are going to store. 

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