Mobile Storage and Weather

Mobile Containers with heat
Mobile Containers and Cold

We know that the Pacific Northwest during the summer and winter can make for some wild changes in weather. For the most part we live in a temperate climate. That means that extreme weather is the exception and not the rule. Jump Box mobile storage containers are a safe way to store your belongings. Following some simple steps will ensure that you items are safe and sound. These tips apply to whether you are moving or storing your items. 

Note: Jump Box is not liable for damage or loss of the contents of containers, so use care in the storage or moving of your belongings.

Mobile Storage During the Summer

Jump Box mobile storage containers are constructed of steel. While steel containers provide security and protect against rugged conditions, they will conduct heat. The interior of mobile containers can exceed the ambient temperature. Most household items are not impacted by heat. Take care in deciding what you plan to store. 

Tips for Storage During Summer:

  • Find a shady location for the placement of the container. Jump Box drivers can maneuver containers into some very tight spots. 
  • If the container must be stored in the sun, pay close attention to items that can be impacted by heat. Avoid storing items like candles or food stuffs. 
  • Properly box loose items in containers with blank newsprint. This will provide a degree of insulation. 
  • Do not place sensitive items against container walls. The walls of the container can conduct radiant heat. Place items that aren’t impacted by heat such as furniture or outdoor equipment.  
  • Be aware of liquids that may expand during heat. Items such as carbonated beverages should probably be avoided during peak heat. We also don’t allow combustible or explosive items in a Jump Box.

Mobile Storage During the Winter

Jump Box containers provide a safe, secure way to store your belongings, even during winter conditions. By following a few steps you will minimize the chance of damage. 

Tips for Storage or Moving During the Winter

  • Place your container when possible in a location blocked by wind and weather.  Jump Box containers are water tight with rubber seals at any seam including the doors, but it is a good practice to help minimize additional temperature variations.
  • Do not store items that can be impacted by freezing. Avoid storing liquids in containers that can freeze or burst. 
  • Avoid storing sensitive items against the walls of the container.  Like the heat of summer, the walls of the containers conduct radiant cold. 
  • Be aware of condensation. We recommend that you purchase and place a few of the moisture absorbing units. These are available and most hardware stores.   

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support staff at (855) 633 7701.