Jump Box FAQs

Here are the answers to the most common questions about Jump Box Mobile Storage

What is Jumpbox?

Jump Box is the new way to move and store your belongings. Rather than storing your belongings offsite in a self storage, we bring the storage container to you!  Jump Box is a locally owned and operated company focused upon providing you an outstanding moving or storage experience. 

How is Jump Box different than other mobile storage businesses?

We’re glad you asked!

• Jump Boxes are all steel constructed including the roof. Many companies only offer containers with fiberglass or canvas roofs which can often leak. 

• Barn Door Feature: Provides a more weather resistant solution, while allowing more storage space within your container!

• Weatherproof Features: Our Cubes are built with the Pacific Northwest weather in mind! 

• Value: We strive to provide the best value in price and product! Check around. We have great rates

• Locally Owned & Operated: Rest assured knowing your supporting a Washington based portable storage company!

• All our containers have been manufactured within the last 2 years, are clean and well made. 

• And most importantly is our service. Our Customer Care team and service crews are highly trained professionals focused upon your needs in mind. 

What are the costs for a Jump Box?

Click Here for pricing and service information.

What are the Dimensions of a Jump Box?

Jump Boxes are 16 or 20 feet long. For exact dimensions, click here

How do I find out if you service my area?

Jump Box currently serves all of Western Washington. We also service all of Eastern Washington from our Spokane location. Call our Customer Care team at 855.633.7701 to discuss your specific needs. 

What Size Jump Box do I need?

Jump Box currently comes in two sizes. Typically, a 16 foot container can hold the contents of a normal two bedroom apartment. A 16 footer might work well to declutter your garage.
A 20′ container  would hold an additional room of contents. We expect that in most cases, a 20 foot container would hold 5 standard rooms. 
Please contact us and we can help you determine what container size best fits your needs. 

Can I use Jump Box for Moving?

Yes, you sure can.  There is a limited service area within Washington State. We don’t provide interstate transportation. Contact our Customer Care team to determine service availability.

Can I have my Jump Box on the street?

That depends where you live. Some municipalities prohibit mobile containers on streets. If you live where there are homeowner covenants, make sure to check to see what limitations might be in place for your neighborhood.

What if the Jump Box is damaged while in my care?

Jump Box offers insurance which will cover vandalization and most damage to a Jump Box container. Check pricing for current rates. 

How can I reduce the possibility of damage during a move?

Jump Box offers some great tips on how to properly load a Jump Box container. Click here to learn more! 

Can a Jump Box be used for commercial purposes?

Absolutely! Jump Box is regularly used for remodels, mitigation, construction projects, recarpeting, temporary or long term storage of materials and many other commercial projects. Contact the Jump Box Customer Care team to discuss your project. 

Do I need my own lock?

Yes. Currently, Jump Box does not offer padlocks. You will want to purchase a quality lock to secure your items. Almost all styles of padlocks will work. 

How is my Jump Box loaded onto a truck?

Jump Box uses a state of the art level loading system which keeps the container level throughout the loading and unloading process. This will ensure that your contents won’t shift. 

Is there a minimum rental time?

No.  But you will be charged a minimum of one month, but we will prorate the first month if delivered to you on or after the 15th. You will be required to pay  a full month fee during the registration process.

What can I store in my Jump Box?

You can store most anything that is safe and legal with a few exceptions:

a) anything that has petroleum products in it. No flammable materials. Damage to the floor by oil or other products can be quite expensive to repair. 

b) anything that is caustic or explosive in nature. 

When it’s in your care, Jump Box assumes no liability.  If your container is damaged by any of the above, you will be held responsible for the repair. 

How do I schedule the return of my Jump Box?

Simply contact the Jump Box Customer care team to schedule a pickup. To ensure that we can service the pickup schedule, we recommend that you provide at least two weeks notice. The Customer Care team will schedule a pickup time. 

Does the kangaroo have a name?

Yes. We’re proud to introduce Joey, our kangaroo mascot. Watch for him at local events and in future promotions.