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Home Improvement Ideas in Tacoma

Planning Your Next Home Improvement Project

During the winter doldrums of the Pacific Northwest, we often have time to dream of future projects for the spring. Home improvement projects often are at the top of the list. In Tacoma, our winters seem like they go on forever. Our rainy season can span 6 months or longer. But winter can be a great time to plan. New projects can be exciting, but they will take careful planning to be a success. Whether you plan to use a local contractor or do-it-yourself, begin the process well in advance of the start date.

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Home Value or Pure Enjoyment? In Tacoma, They aren’t Exclusive.

When you decide on a project, you’ll need to consider whether your project will add value to your home or is just for your personal enjoyment. They often aren’t exclusive, but having a clear idea why you are investing in an improvement ensures that you proceed with your eyes wide open. For instance, Real Estate professionals often discourage improvements such as pools, as they actually decrease home value. In comparison, a well designed kitchen can dramatically add value and increase the visual beauty of your home. If your goal is to increase the enjoyment of your home, then increased value becomes a secondary consideration. If you have been salivating over your neighbor’s hot tub, dreaming of having your own, then by all means make it happen! Make sure it fits within your budget. Installation and maintenance aren’t cheap.

Most Common Home Improvements in Tacoma

The most common improvement project is in the kitchen with new counter tops, flooring and cupboards. Second in line is the bathroom followed by living room and family rooms. Additions are primarily adding bedrooms. But don’t forget outdoor improvements!

When Should I Do Improvements Before Home Sale?

From a value standpoint, experts encourage you to wait doing improvements until about a year before you plan to sell. If you do improvements to soon, you risk having them lose luster and potentially go out of style. We all understand how quickly trends go out of fashion, light and airy one year, deep rich tones the next.

Yet, we often find ourselves wondering why we didn’t do the improvements years ago so that we got to enjoy them. The fresh paint and countertops would be wonderful to have while we are still in the house! It can be very confusing.

Jump Box Mobile Storage for your Next Tacoma Home Project or Moving

Storing your belongings during construction is important. Not only are you protecting your investment, but you are ensuring your project is completed efficiently and safely.

If you have eyes on a new home and are completing home improvement projects to increase your home value, then you will have a move coming up. Consider using Jump Box for your next local or in-state move. Take your time loading. Keep your Jump Box for as long as you need.

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