Advantages of Jump Box Mobile Storage

The Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Storage

If you have a project where you have a need for a mobile storage container, many people ask what are the benefits?
We outlined 5 key reasons that portable storage makes sense.

  1. Cost Effective- Eliminating the need for a rental truck or multiple trips to a self storage can save a lot of money. 
  2. Convenience- What is more convenient than having your storage right at home where you can access what you need without a trip. 
  3. Safe and Secure- Our containers are all steel constructed with a sturdy locking system. Great for commercial jobs.
  4. We do the Driving- No one gets excited about having to drive a high mileage truck rental. Our fully licensed drivers are professionals focused upon safety. 
  5. Flexibility- Mobile storage containers can be used for local moving, on-site storage or storage at a warehouse.   

Mobile storage containers and Jump Box are here to stay.

Mobile storage has a number of advantages to traditional moving and storage if you are willing to do the work. 

Mobile storage is like a hybrid service between movers and a rental truck.  You do the loading of the container and the mobile storage company handles the transportation. Look at some of the benefits of mobile storage:

Safe and Secure Storage

Jump Box mobile storage units are ruggedly built, well- maintained containers.  Constructed of steel, Jump Box offers a secure way to store your goods. Add your padlock and you can rest assured that your items are safe. 

Recently, self storage units have seen an increase in break-ins and vandalism. By storing your Jump Box at your residence or business, you can feel safe knowing that the container is right there where you can keep an eye on it.  

Mobile Storage Containers Provide Convenience and Flexibility

Whether you are using a Jump Box mobile container for moving or for storage, Jump Box provides the convenience of having the container at your home or business. You load the container at your schedule. No need to make multiple trips to a self storage facility.  

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Jump Box Business Mobile Storage Provides Effective, Efficent Solution to your Storage Needs

Jump Box is a perfect solution for business. Store excess inventory, recarpet an office, manage a remodeling project or handle to move of office or  manufacturing materials.  Call Jump Box today to discuss your needs at 855.633.7701