About Jump Box Mobile Storage

Jump Box is the Best Mobile Storage and Moving Solution

Jump Box is a new Northwest-based mobile storage company. Unlike the national brands, we specialize in providing a personal approach to working with our customers. At Jump Box, you aren’t a number. You are a local neighbor looking to find a company that you can trust.  We provide a perfect way to store your items, either on-site or at our secure facility. 

Tell me more about mobile storage

Mobile storage is a more convenient way to store your items. Whether you are beginning a remodeling project, have a family member moving back home, or just want to declutter the garage, Jump Box is a perfect solution. 

 As compared to self moves with a rental truck, Jump Box allows you to load at your own pace.  And best of all, you don’t need to do the driving.  If you are looking for the best mobile storage units and service, Jump Box is your answer. 

What are the advantages as compared to a self storage unit?

There are several advantages as compared to a mini storage or self storage unit.

  • We do the driving.
  • You keep control of your  possessions and storage container.
  • You don’t have to travel miles to get to your stored items
  • Storage at home offers greater security. These days self storage units are a common target for break-ins
  • Jump Box can place the storage container in whatever location at your home or facility you wish. If we can get our truck there,  we can deliver it there.

What makes Jump Box unique?

  • Jump Boxes are  are all steel constructed, rugged and secure
  • We use a level-load system ensuring that your contents don’t shift
  • They are designed with Northwest weather in mind 
  • All of our containers have been constructed within the last year, are clean, and well maintained. 
  • We are family-owned. Jump Box owners and staff live here in Washington and have decades of experience in moving and storage
  • We offer personal attention to detail. Our goal is to provide prompt, efficient customer service, delivering on all our promises. 
  • We’re a member of the National Portable Storage Association, ensuring we adhere to top standards and best practices in the industry
  •  Storage and moving isn’t glamorous or exciting. But, we’ll do everything to make your experience pleasant and fun. 
  • Let’s face it. The kangaroo is cute, right? 

Learn more about Jump Box on our FAQ page.

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