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Common Questions About Mobile Storage Rentals

Portable Storage Rental Basics

This may be your first time renting a mobile storage container. You can’t really tell one container company from another. And you don’t know what questions to ask to compare each company. 

Here are some considerations and questions you will want to ask:

What sizes of containers do you offer? 
1. Where is your office location? Are you a local company?
2. Investigate their reputation by finding their Google Rating
3. Can you maneuver the container into tight spots? 
4. What kind of security locking systems do you have? 
5. Do you offer insurance on the container?
6. When can you deliver a container? 
7. Are there tie downs inside the container

Portable storage near Spokane container

Different Types of Mobile Storage Containers

Containers come in many sizes from 8 feet to over 40 feet. The most common container for residential use is a 20 foot container.  They vary in condition and construction. Overseas Containers are heavy corrugated containers designed for the rough conditions of overseas shipping. Used containers can be in poor condition. 

Mobile storage containers are designed specifically for residential use. Some have D rings inside to secure a load for moving.  The power units are highly maneuverable and provide a level load system. They have hardwood floors and interiors in good condition. 

Comparing Portable Storage Companies-Head to Head.

Overseas and residential containers each have their benefits. Overseas container excel in situations of extremely rugged conditions. Residential container are perfect for residential as they are not unsightly. Your neighbors will appreciate that.  They can be placed in may locations overseas containers cannot. Pricing is always a consideration, but properly protecting your contents with the right container is critical. 

For more answers to your questions, call our helpful staff and review our FAQ section at the bottom of our home page.

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