Commercial Mobile Storage

Nyco Construction using Jump Box Mobile Storage for storage of construction equipment

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Jump Box provides commercial mobile storage solutions for all your business needs.
Here are just a few commercial uses for Jump Box Mobile Storage:

Construction Mobile storage
  • Weight and commodity restrictions apply.  Service only in Puget Sound. Contact Jump Box to discuss your specific needss
  • Remediation- Fire, Flood
  • Remodelling of Business Space
  • Storage of Excess Inventory
  • Seasonal Storage
  • Facility Repair
  • Secure storage for equipment
  • Transport of Goods*
  • Just-in-time Access to Critical Equipment or Material
  • On-Site Temporary or Long-term Storage 
  • Local Moving Alternative

Jump Box Portable Storage For Any Commercial Use

Whether you are storing inventory for a repair or remodel, recarpeting an office or storing equipment and materials, Jump Box all steel framed  mobile storage containers are a perfect solution. Jump Box Commercial portable storage can be placed on any flat stable surface in almost any location. Our remote control mule propulsion system  can move the container to almost any location that has adequate clearance. Store items in your Jump Box so that you have what you need to complete your job immediately.  

Commercial Storage Solutions

Jump Box is the fastest growing locally owned storage solution in Puget Sound. Find out why more people rely upon Jump Box for their commercial portable storage needs.