Jump Box at Seafair 2022

Jump Box Comes to Seafair 2022

Seafair is back after a COVID break. Seafair is the annual Seattle/Puget Sound festival featuring parades, local events and the popular Seafair Hydroplane race including a visit from the Blue Angels

This year, as part of the behind the scenes coordination, Jump Box containers will be utilized throughout the hydroplane race event. Watch for Jump Box Mobile Storage at the entrance, at key locations throughout the race course and even on the log boom.  Whether you are attending in person or watching on TV,  you can point out to your friends, “Hey, there’s a Jump Box!”

The Seafair Festival 

It all began as a plan to celebrate Seattle’s centennial in 1951-52. The Seattle area was without major league sports teams or the Seattle Center. Thirsty for national recognition and attention, Seafair was designed to attract tourists and showcase marine events in keeping with Seattle’s boast as the “boating capital of the world.”

Jump Box

Jump Box continues to support our communities, assisting in events or community festivals.  If your event has a need for Jump Box, contact us and we may be able to help.  And don’t forget that  for residential or business storage and moving, Jump Box is a great solution. 

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