Jump Box Portable Storage Container Rental Process

Renting a Jump Box Portable Storage Container is Easy

Whether you are renting a portable storage container for short or long term storage, or for a local move, renting with Jump Box is easy.  One call to our staff can get your Jump Box on the way with just a short call. Or you can use our convenient “Schedule My Jump Box” button below.

Here is some basic information we’ll need:

  • What is the location of the delivery?
  • What size do you need?
  • Approximately how long will you need it?
  • Is this for storage or moving or both? 
  • What form of payment will you be using?
  • Will your personal insurance cover the container while it is my posession?

The Portable Storage Unit Delivery

We will provide you with a short window of time for arrival. In advance of our delivery identify the location you wish for the container to be placed. We prefer a firm level surface. Make sure that there is ample room for the container as well as adequate space for the doors to swing open.  We encourage in most cases to have the doors placed uphill. 

Our specialized, remote control mule can maneuver the Jump Box container up hills and around corners. View the video for an example of a delivery. 


To Schedule Your Jump Box

Or call us at 855 633 7701

Looking for local labor for your Jump Box Portable Storage Container rental?  Contact Olympic Moving